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by Matt Larkin
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Legacy of Moon and Fire (Skyfall #2) by Matt Larkin
Matt Larkin
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“The tiger spirit within shifted, called to the moon. Urged him to shift, become the beast and run, especially tonight, especially on the full moon.” ~~~~ The Solar Empire that once dominated the Skyfall Isles now lies aflame, its people fleeing the wrath of the Lunars and Ignis. Malin, weretiger bodyguard of the Lunar lords, has returned home to find himself and his people still no better than slaves. Malin is desperate for the chance to finally free his kind, but the Lunar Empire teeters on the brink of civil war. Chandi’s father Ketu holds on as king only by a thread. And if Malin turns on him now, the Lunars Empire will likely burn out in the same conflagration that consumes the Solars. ~~~~ Indonesian mythology and historical fantasy blend in book 2 of The Skyfall Era. Author’s Note Legacy of Moon and Fire is mythic fantasy set on an alternate version of Earth, one in which Indonesia is dominated by dynasties of Sun, Moon, and Fire worshipping cultures. For those curious, it takes place in the same world as my Ragnarok Era books, albeit at an earlier time period. I adore mythology from any culture. Hindu, Norse, Greek all of them. Mythology helped shape the fantasy genre. And while lots of fantasies pull in aspects of mythology, I wanted to create something to reconcile all world mythologies into an epic fantasy whole. And why should you give it a try? I’m writing what I want to read: action, epic plots, larger-than-life characters, a bit of romance, swords, sorcery, dark deities, and twists. Sound up your alley? Then you’ll probably love this mythic world as much as I do.

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