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by Neneh Gordon
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Customs Officer's Slave 1: Handcuffed and Cavity Searched by Neneh Gordon
Neneh Gordon
French Letters Press
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Bev has a no-strings arrangement with customs officer Kai. She got him to dress up in his uniform and bring home some latex gloves, but now she wants to hook up at the airport. When Kai finally agrees, it's on one condition - she has to do everything he tells her. Once the handcuffs go on, she finds out that means he gets to search her cavities and force her to deepthroat him. But there's one more thing he wants before he'll let her come...
Contains handcuff bondage, rimming, spanking, whipping and a very frustrated sex-slave.
This short story is roughly 3,800 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

I’d spent so long daydreaming, I hadn’t noticed it was my turn.

“Hello there,” I purred at him and handed over my passport.

My charms were wasted. Kai looked down at my picture and flicked his glance back up at me.

“Not the most flattering picture, but—”

“Could you come with me please, madam?”

Oooh! Madam. With excitement fluttering between my legs, I trotted after him, dragging my case on its wheels behind me. He opened the door to a private room and waited for me to go in.

I folded down the bag handle and stood in the middle of the room. It was bigger than I’d imagined, with a table and chairs in the corner and another set behind me. There was no mirror, so there was no chance for my daydream to come true. Oh well. I’d just have to settle for super-sexy Kai.

He shut the door behind him and stood there, looking at me. What was he waiting for? I reached up and slipped the spaghetti dress-strap off my shoulder. “Is there something wrong?”

He took a couple of steps closer and gave me a horny smile. I hadn’t realised how nervous I was until he smiled and I started to relax. This was going to be fun.

“I have reason to believe you may have smuggled something into the country.” He loosened his tie and undid his top button.

“And what might that be?” I stepped out of my shoes and kicked them out of the way.

“If my sources are correct, I’ll need to take a look under that dress.” He took off his tie as he came towards me. I watched him open a button at a time, then slip out of his shirt and throw it away. Someone that ripped was wasted working in an airport.

He got close enough for me to smell the savoury tang of his aftershave and flexed his pecs. What a show-off. But he had the skills to back it up. I was about to take a kiss when I remembered that I had to follow his instructions. I waited for him to make the first move.

Kai grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me so hard I almost fell over. If he hadn’t been holding on to me, I probably would have. His tongue got reacquainted with my mouth and he slid my other strap down off my shoulder. His lips went to my neck as he tugged my dress down over my tits and I clutched feebly at his belt. Letting go of me, he stepped back.

“I’d better finish my search.” He fished around in his back pocket and brought out a pair of handcuffs. Did they go with the job?

“But officer, I’m not trying to resist.” Those handcuffs didn’t look very comfortable. If he wanted to play those sorts of games, he could use his tie.

“Better safe than sorry.” He hooked a cuff over my wrist, threaded it through the back of a chair and secured my other wrist so that I had to kneel on the seat. My breasts hung free of the dress and he cupped one in his hand.

“Nothing there.” He squeezed hard and I gripped the chair-back. “Let’s try the other one.” He came in close behind me and clutched at both my tits. “Nope, nothing,” he murmured in my ear, squeezing even harder.

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