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by Felice Fox
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Dark Lashes by Felice Fox
Felice Fox
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Disclaimer: This is a work intended for a mature audience over 18. It contains adult themes. All characters are over 18.

This is a humorous episodic novel of dark fantasy and science fiction composed of the 4 novellas "Amy and the Ankylosaurus" "Helen and the Evil Elves of the Elder Gods" "Sithe in the City" and "Dragon vs Dinosaur" It begins when Magnus creates a device to open portals to other quantum universes so he can show his ex girlfriend Amy real dinosaurs. This goes awry when Amy goes through the portal and he has to rescue her accompanied by his fellow scientist Helen, Amy's best friend. Then Helen decides she wants an elf boyfriend and they find themselves trapped by the Evil Elves of the Elder Gods. This leads to a dark elf priestess exploring New York City. Then at last the group finds themselves reuniting with a dinosaur and combating a good dragon for the sake of the evil Cthulhu worshiping dark elves.

Here is an excerpt

"This is why I didn't tell you how close we were. You'd have been overwhelmed with fear."
"Since when is that not one of your favourite things?"
"Since I need you to break out that lovely dinosaur prod and tase the sun of a bitch."
"That's the plan?"
"That's the plan. Now go be a hero for me."
"I'm not a hero."
"You are today. Go make your Mistress happy."
"This was so not in our deal" Magnus grumbled but he hefted his dinosaur prod, for that's what he called the device he designed to keep away over curious dinosaurs when he planned to take Amy for a visit into a quantum universe with an Earth still populated with dinosaurs, though apparently somewhat different dinosaurs with muted telepathy and an affinity for half elf redheads and left the protective shell to face the dragon.
Anky made friendly noises at him for the first time, perhaps sensing his impending suicidal plan. The dragon seeing finally a non-armored and bite size prey swooped down towards him, moving far faster than Magnus had imagined.
Some type of midnight black bolts of energy leapt from Lorelei's hand towards the dragon who merely narrowed his eyes at them and the bolts sizzled out to nothing ness. Trent unleashed gale force winds to slow the dragon down but those too dissolved as the dragon effortless channeled the magic of his world to undo them. The ankylosaurus moved to interpose so the dragon unleashed its flaming breath at the dinosaur. The ankylosaurus shrugged off the fire that burned its own scales and made the spikes and shell on its back glow red, not so much out of bravery as Ankylosaurs don't have the brain power or body type for sudden change of plans.

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