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by Brandy Corvin
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Tyler's Pack Initiation by Brandy Corvin
Brandy Corvin
A.B. Publishing
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This is Part 2 of the Howling Moon series and the sequel to Professor Wolfenstein's Lycan Lust.

After absorbing Professor Wolfenstein's werewolf seed, Tyler feels faster, stronger, and more bloodthirsty. But he's not a full werewolf yet! To fully turn and join the Professor's pack, he must undergo their initiation. Meeting the pack in the forest on a full moon night, Tyler finds out just how hungry werewolves can get for ass!

An MMMMM/m story.

[WARNING: this story contains steamy werewolf sex, blowjobs, anal sex, domination, gangbangs and much, much more!]


They approached and surrounded me. Their hoods shielded their faces from the moonlight and their robes protected the rest of their body. Who knew what lay beneath the cloth?
"Are you, the pack?" I ventured.
"Brothers, here's the initiate I spoke off," Professor Wolfenstein's voice rang out from under one of the hoods. Amazing.
"Oh hey Professor," I called out, smiling. I couldn't tell whether he returned my gesture from under the hood.
They circled me, stepping slowly. Coming close to me once in awhile, they brought their hoods up to me and took a sniff. I tried look in to see who it was underneath all the garments but I only found myself gazing into an infinite abyss.
"He's ready to turn…" a gruff voice resounded from another hooded figure.
"I agree," a low voice entered my ears this time.
"Then, shall we begin the initiation?" Professor Wolfenstein asked.
The hooded figures nodded in agreement. Adrenaline pumped throughout my body as I readied myself for whatever the initiation was.
Professor Wolfenstein was the first to take off his hood, revealing his wizened face.
I watched in wonder as fur grew out of his skin, his head taking the shape of a wolf. His muscular toned body ripped his robes apart as he transformed into a werewolf.
He stood before me, fearsome and majestic. The wolf head on a humanoid body, it was simply the best of both worlds.
They all tore off their hoods, revealing their human faces. I only recognized one of them, Randall, a senior in college. The rest were strangers to me. It was awesome just as it was terrifying to watch the rest of them transform like Professor Wolfenstein.
First it looked like they were in pain, then fury began to grow from their skin. Their robes stretched and tore under their expanding bodies. But their most vivid transformation came from when their jaw line changed, protruding out more and becoming more angular, just like a wolf's. Their ears receded into their heads just as new ones appeared at the top. Blinking once, their timid looking human eyes changed into a bright yellow. Their black irises now narrowed, like wolves on the hunt.
So it was the full moon, I thought, it was the exposure to it that caused them to transform. I wasn't sure if they still retained their human capacity to think, but I smelled like werewolf to them. I should be safe.
They circled me again, sniffing me even more carefully this time. What were they going to do? Don't tell me-
A dull pain surged from the back of my head as I was flung onto the ground. What was going on?
The same pair of rough hands that hit me now grabbed my jeans. Its sharp claws tearing away the fabric just as easily as it was done carelessly, my legs screamed out in pain at they dug into my flesh, scratching and drawing blood.
This continued until my bare ass was exposed to the lot of them. In the cold of the night, my ass shivered. I looked behind me watching the largest werewolf, probably the alpha eye me hungrily. Oh shit, he probably thinks I was inviting him to fuck me!

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