What kind of books do you prefer?

Books are a great gift, designed to diversify human life and to change it for the better, beyond recognition. A reading enthusiast never in his life disagrees with the arguments about wasting time on a book. He is only genuinely surprised at how you can feel like a happy person if you do not read books. Reading fiction is very beneficial for the human body and its life as a whole. There are many facts that prove this. We offer some for your consideration. - Studies show that 4-6 years is the most favorable age for teaching a child to read. After 6-7 years, learning to read is more difficult. - Previously, in libraries, books were riveted to the shelves by chains. - On average, the bookstore buyer spends eight seconds looking at the front cover and 15 seconds looking at the back cover. - Half of all books sold today are bought by people over 45 years old. - Studies conducted in the US showed that children who learned to read to the third class are less likely to go to prison, start taking drugs or not finish school. - It is believed that illiteracy annually costs business and taxpayers $ 20 billion in lost wages, lost profit and reduced productivity.